curtains for baby

curtains for baby

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  1. Tab: Tab tops texturize your space. The structured bunching at the top of the fabric creates clean, straight lines, and the tabs themselves adddimension to those lines. The resulting look can be anywhere from mid-century modern chic to rustic and traditional. The thickness of fabric willdetermine the type of hardware required—thick, lined drapes may require thicker hardware than light, breezy sheer or semi-sheer curtains. Depending onthe type of tab, the rod may or may not be exposed. Either way, the rod, tab and finial construction will affect the overall look of the window space.Our hardware styles include matte black steel, rustic bronze, and matte or shiny, polished nickel constructions..

  2.  Remember the cute magnet board I made for her room??..

  3. Please no one ask my mom how many times I accidentally didn’t lay the right sides together and had to go back and redo this step. I wasembarrassed for myself..

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  1. I have a fun and super easy way to get expensive looking curtains and panels without having to drag out your sewing machine.  I just made these for mylittle girl’s room and I LOVE them!..

  2. Simply click "Enter Survey" below and the survey will launchat the end of your visit..

  3. Perfect if your little superhero dreams of saving the Earth, this duvet cover set has all his favourite characters from theAvengers Assembleseries..

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  1. Alex, LeedsJuly 2016The curtains and bedcoversarrived today and I wanted to say THANKYOU!..

  2. - Single curtain width 117 cm (46 inch) fits rail width up to 152 cm (5ft)- Single curtain width 168 cm (66 inch) fits rail width up to 229 cm (7ft 6inch)- Single curtain width 229 cm (90 inch) fits a rail width up to 305 cm (10ft)..

  3. Browse Alphabetically: Global Expo | Onetouch | Showroom | Country Search | Manufacturers | Suppliers | Promotion | Wholesaler | Affiliate..

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