Austrian curtains

Austrian curtains

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  1. When a drape is flown, the task of adjusting its height for bestmasking effect is simplified and, in the case of a drape that must be moved during a performance, this enables the drape to be quickly raised abovethe proscenium arch—thus positioning it out of view of spectators—or lowered to any arbitrary height above the stage, as required..

  2. Austrian CurtainMade up of a series of vertical panels with both horizontal and vertical fullness. The curtain is raised evenly from the bottom by aseries of lift lines that run through rings sewn on the seams between panels. Austrians are usually motorized..

  3. Eyelets is a very contemporary curtain heading where metallic eyelets are fixed on the top of curtains which allow to  move them freely on a pole. Usethem if you want to create uncluttered and minimalistic look:..

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  1. The rich, woven heavyweight panels shimmer with the stunning woven print pattern.Theincredible austrian valance complements.More..

  2. ROXY RANGE: A Competitive Price For A Made To Measure Roller Blind..

  3. The curtains are typically made of velvet[4] and decorated with a series of vertical box pleats alongthe top edge. They are the least costly kind of theater curtain to construct[citation needed] and are relatively simple to operate..

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  1. Note: Sailrite recommends using 5/64" leechline for up to 5 cords in lock. However, if using 6 cords we recommend using the smaller 1/16"cord for better locking performance..

  2. The amount of lift on each drawline is equal, and the drape must be lifted across all lines at an equal speed / height. When in it’slowered/closed position, a braille curtain will simply hang with the look of a flat drape. Some clients will refer to this style of flat lift drape asa Roman Shade. The lift lines will be strategically and evenly placed on the back side of the drape on the seams. If stored in the “up”position this type of drape does run risk of getting fold lines, which might be problematic when the drape is lowered into the down or shown position..

  3. Tree Classics' Austrian Spruce Wreath offers you the sweet, gentle surprises found in a delightful forest trail. Our evergreen decorations feature anexciting mix of lush Real-Feel and PVC.More..

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