removing dents without painting

Removing dents without painting

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  1. as faras iknow it wont dmg the paint of the car either andsome use hot gluewishwont dmg the paint either..

  2. I would say at 5 years it really started to hit me that i was building a name for myself for offering high-quality PDR, through word of mouth andrepeat customers..

  3. Do-it-yourself repairs may not have the perfectly smooth appearance of a freshly painted fender; however, the cost difference often makes a slightimperfection an acceptable option. With practice and patience, and using relatively inexpensive equipment, you can manipulate common dents into closeproximity to your vehicle's original appearance..

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  1.   Paintless dent removal is a process that allows us to removedents, dings, and other body blemisheswithout the need forpaint or body fillers typically used by traditional body shops.This process enables us torestore your vehicle to its originalcondition at a fraction of conventional body shop repair work orreplacement..

  2. Paintless dent removal is the art of using specially designed tools to remove dents without panel beating or spray painting. Our qualified denttechnicians have been trained to use these specialized tools to access the dents, whether on your doors, bonnet, roof, fenders or boot and massage thedent from the inside out until the damaged area is undetectable. What should you look for to determine whether the dent can be removed using thepaintless dent removal system?..

  3. A:  Our ability to remove a dent is determined more by how sharp or how deep it is and where it’s located, rather than how large.  Asa general rule of thumb – if a dent involved any moving vehicle, it will probably require a conventional body shop because of the excessivestretch and bodyline damage.  We specialize in parking lot damage – door dings, golf ball and baseball impacts, as well as haildamage.  ..

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  1. The Products Is there a product out there that can do it all for you?..

  2. Appropriate uses for paint-less dent repair include the following conditions:..

  3. Paint and bodywork contribute to thedepreciation of your vehicle but we have the ability to repair minor damage without it!..

Posted on: August 2, 2016

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