automatic watering instructables

automatic watering instructables

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  1. Hozelock’s range of Automatic Watering products delivers an effective way automatically watering your garden saving you time, water and effort..

  2. All Instructables are now available in PDF format for easy printing, sharing and offline viewing..

  3. Watering plants is tough to remember. You'll find all types of tricks out there to do it automatically, but Instructables user randofo'sArduino-powered system might be one of the more ambitious..

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  1. Materials required:(x1) 8" x 6" x 3" project enclosure (Radioshack270-1809) (x1) Multipurpose PC Board (Radioshack276-150) (x1) 5VDC SPDT microrelay (Radioshack275-240) (x1) 9V battery connector (Radioshack270-324) (x1) 9V battery holder (Radioshack270-326) (x1) 9V battery (Radioshack#23-853) (x1) SPST micromini toggle switch (Radioshack275-624) (x1) 10K resistor (Radioshack271-1126) (x1) Size M coaxial DC power plug(Radioshack274-1569) (x1) Red and black 22AWG wire (Radioshack278-1221) (x1) 12AWG black wire (Radioshack278-556) (x1) Non-submersible electricwater pump (via Amazon) (x1) Water storage container with lid (x2) 8-32 x 2.5" nuts and bolts (x8) 4-40 x 1" nuts and bolts (x1) 4-40 x 3/8" nut andbolt (x4) 1/4" spacers (x1) Wire nut (x2) 3' - 5' plastic tubing (x1)8 Terminal Ring (x1) House plant to water..

  2. Control your garden watering from anywhere in the world with the new Cloud controller or let the new Sensor controllers take care of all theprogramming for you..

  3. Randy Sarafan is the Technology Editor at Instructables, so you know when he tackles a problem like keeping tabs on properly watering house plants,he's going to do it in enviable DIY fashion. Randy teamed his DIY skills with a soil sensor and an Arduino-controlled water pump to build himself ablack thumb-proof plant watering system!..

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  1. Planning a vacation doesn't necessarily mean you have to get someone to come and water your…Read more Read more..

  2. If you're leaving town for a while but don't want your plants to wither while you're gone, you can ask a friend to stop by and water them, or you canbuild a system that dispenses just the right amount of water for each plant, automatically. All you need are some plastic baggies, a needle, and somethread..

  3. So there, you've got two options before you head out for a late summer vacation. Just be sure you have someone to check on the cats/dogs/fishnow.unless you've one of these..

Posted on: August 1, 2016

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