automatic watering houseplant

automatic watering houseplant

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  2. Although it might seem like a luxury item, a timer will turn your system from good to great. Choose a programmable timer that allows for severalshorter cycles per day. With soaker hose, it often helps to use a technique called "pulse watering," especially if you have heavy soil that doesn'tdrain well. Instead of running the soaker for one long cycle, you break it into four shorter soak cycles, following each soak by a pause. This allowswater to soak into the soil and prevents waste. For instance, you set the timer to soak for 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute pause. You repeat theprocess three more times. Adjust the length of soak and pause as needed, depending on your soil and rainfall..

  3. An improved self controlled watering planter device of the type utilizing a porous moisture sensor, an air-tight fluid reservoir and a membranousfluid inlet port on the interior bottom of the device including concentric annular ridges and a solid circular disk for inhibiting the interference ofplant roots with the fluid inlet port. The improved device further includes baffle structures to inhibit debris from fouling the bottom portion of theinlet port, an interiorally mounted moisture sensing unit and an inward draining niche surrounding the fluid reservoir fill port..

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  2. Turning to FIG. 5, shown therein is a view of the present invention 10 with additional elements. Shown is the houseplant-watering device of thepresent invention 10 including an auxiliary reservoir 38 and an aerating nozzle 40..

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  1. I've spent this article talking about inside planters, but hey, maybe you want one that goes inside and out: The long tapered cube Cottage PlanterFrom Plow & Hearth is conveniently suitable for both..

  2.  A no-dirt-fix for small house and herb plants, this stylin’ system comes with everything you need to get started and is available in eight trendycolors. Why we like: A designer solution for casual indoor gardeners with small plants.Trip length: 3-7 daysSet up time: 5-10 minutes per plantTip: Ifyou’re transplanting to the Grobal from a dirt planter, hold the exposed roots gently under running, room-temperature tap water. Once the dirt iswashed away, cut off any dead roots and transplant into the hydroponic pot..

  3. Additional objects of the present invention will appear as the description proceeds..

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