automatic watering greenhouse

Automatic watering greenhouse

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  1. Ground Runner BoomThe solution to outdoor watering, the ground boom is ideal when an overhead structure is not present formounting the boom. Mounted on rails set in the ground, the ground boom is the perfect solution for uniform watering of outdoor product..

  2. Misting irrigation systems work to imitate rain by providing water to plants in light or coarse mist, similar to what they get in nature. Mistingsystems are best installed about six feet above the ground, below the greenhouse roof. Its disadvantage is that it makes not only plants wet, buteverything else inside your space, including benches, your gardening gloves and the greenhouse floor. One great advantage is that the mist also addshumidity to the greenhouse and also provides a cooling effect. Misting systems can also be automated with a sensor that regulates intervals betweenwatering..

  3. If you are not fortunate enough to have a friend or neighbor to offer theirgenerous services, there are some great solutions to make watering your garden and greenhouse easy and automatic while you are away..

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  1. Benefits:-Easy to use-No electricity or faucet hook up needed-Waters a large variety of plants..

  2. Water automatically with the Oasis Watering System..

  3. Most drip irrigation systems are automated by using a timer, which regulates intervals at which the plants will be watered. You can also control thepressure of the water, adjusting it accordingly for how much water your plants need for proper growth. It may take you some time to get the settings“just right”..

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  1. Systems start with a base line and then peripheral feeder lines. Off each feeder line is micro-tubing directed straight to the plant at the root lineof the soil. You can add or subtract micro-tubing as needed and use the drip or spray heads necessary to deliver the amount of water each plant needs.This is an inexpensive and easy system to maintain for watering greenhouse plants..

  2. Perhaps the most economical option for decreased labor watering, drip, sprinkler, spray, and mist irrigation systems allow flexibility in design,installation, and use. These systems can be designed to water on the ground, on bench, hanging baskets, propagation, etc..

  3. The biggest key to proper watering is to water thoroughly. The best way to accomplish this is to give your plants a quick drink, allow the water tosoak in a bit, and then repeat with a more thorough watering. Water should just begin to flow out of the bottom of the container, indicating that ithas reached all of the roots. Irregular watering (allowing the plants to dry out too much or flooding them) can cause many plant disorders and causepoor fruit production. If you suspect that this is the culprit to a particular problem in your greenhouse, remove any dead or deformed growth andbegin a proper watering regimen. The plants should recover in most cases..

Posted on: August 1, 2016

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