automatic watering app

automatic watering app

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  1. When implanted, fluids preferably are drawn from the reservoir to the soil by way of capillary action of fibrous wicks 30 and 32 which extend acrossthe top surface 12 through fluid supply orifices 38 into the internal chamber 18 of the reservoir. Any cellular or fibrous material may constitute thewicks 30 and 32, and any number of wicks may be used, although two are shown. As known in the art, an equilibrium condition between the moisturecontent of the wick and the moisture content of the soil will be maintained. As the soil is drained of fluids by a host plant or through evaporation,the fluid is replaced with that which is contained in the reservoir through the wicks as the exchange medium. The fluid itself is water and/or plantnutrients, if desired..

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  1. View 12 months of watering history & water savings online..

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  3. Multiple Start TimesEach program can be assigned multiple start times. There are a maximum of 5 start times. This is a very convenient featurewhich will allows the user to set the program once, and then start it multiple times during the day..

Posted on: August 2, 2016

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