automatic watering chickens

Automatic watering chickens

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  1. In my opinion no other farm critter is easier to begin with than a chicken. Chickens are widely available at a low cost and their feed is inexpensive.Chickens will also gladly dispose of your table scraps and return you eggs for payment. Chickens are easy to house and care for. Chickens can be kepton a small plot of land and even in many cities. Why isn’t a chicken in every backyard?..

  2.   Auto drinker  Good item good price   (23/04/2012) Cliff - Amesbury..

  3. We are also in the middle ofbuilding a whole new coup. Big renovations down here in Florida!..

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  1. I need one of these for my chickens. It looks like it will help them stay cool in this heat wave..

  2. this is an amazing product sanitary, fresh clean drinking water for your hens, no worriesabout feces getting into the water, or hurting your back carrying water several times a day. Thank you for this opportunityto win one..

  3. I give the emptied egg shells back to my hens. However, there is absolutely no need to rinse them before oven drying. Every little bit of residue isjust more nutrition for the hens. Just throw the empty shells onto a collecting tray or pan. Bake them to dry them, crush and give to your hens. Theylove them..

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  1. Now, walking back to my house isn’t a chore, but it does seem like a waste of time and energy. I usually throw a lot of good water away just refillingand cleaning the container so I have been looking for an alternative and recently found what I think is an amazingly simple automatic watering tubefor watering my chickens that keeps the water clean and cuts down on my trips in and out of their coop. I didn’t have to look too long though becausethis is an issue that apparently every single other person who raises chickens has already complained about. There are tons of videos on YouTube andyou can even buy pre-built kits, but this is a easy DIY project that anyone can do in a couple hours tops..

  2. And I am tired of the ducks making amess of the waterers!..

  3. I've researched this product and I definetly need one. I am constantly filling and cleaning water containers. I get so nervous in hot weather thatthe poor chickens are not getting enough water. If I don't win one it is definetly going on my bd. list..

Posted on: August 1, 2016

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