automatic watering bowl for chickens

automatic watering bowl for chickens

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  1. If you have a PVC bucket lying in your junkyard, or discarded one recently, do not throw it. It can be used for making a perfect poultry waterer. Youmay need to invest in a pan, which would be the direct source of drinking water for the chickens. The process is simple – take the pan, mark the holesin the bucket and place it upside down on the pan..

  2. I would really like the chicken fountain it would free up so much time and have a cleaner water for my chickens..

  3. We tried this 5 or 6 years ago.Short term this works great, longer term you run into trouble.Our ducks put mud and other debris into the bottom ofthe waterer, eventually it clogs the float valve which must then be removed and cleaned with a thin wire.The bottom of the waterer also eventuallybecomes all mud and no water unless it is cleaned out periodically.These issues make it more work and no more effective then filling up a bucket orany other container over the loner term..

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  1. Even if youdon’t have your own hens yet, this might be something to store away in your “someday” file because you just never know when youmight need some great info that will save you a dollar or two!..

  2. Not bad for ten minutes worth of work. With as much money as I’ve been spending on this money pithomestead lately, I’ll gladly take savings wherever I can, especially when it is as simple and straightforward as this was..

  3. This 6.8 litre Automatic (Stainless) Waterer attaches to any garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your pet at all times.The bowl isfabricated from heavy duty hygienic stainless with a durable cover made from high density polypropylene, which protects the mechanical float valveproviding safety and reliability.Ideal for your cat, dog, sheep, goat or other animal hydration needs.Will not over flow and no trainingrequired.Size is 34cm across and 11cm deep - The largest drinking area of its kind!..

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  1. I set my mind to build a chicken fountain waterer system that was easy to install, provided a constant flow of cleanwater, and was completely maintenance free. I spent many nights in the barn working on this concept and, quite frankly, failed a number of times. Thenit hit me!..

  2. Any chicken keeper knows how important fresh clean water is to your flock.  This automatic water device keeps the water CLEAN first and foremost, andit never runs out!..

  3. And 2) do you know ifACV in the water does anything to the mechanism of the cup?..

Posted on: August 1, 2016

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