automatic yard watering kit orbit

Automatic yard watering kit orbit

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  1. I'm trying to fix mine that just failed, maybe this is why..

  2. I kept on wanting to use this, but just never seemed to get around to take the time to work out the details.I have 4 of these I canuse, since the controlling unit went belly up several years ago.Thanks for sending me an e-mail with a heads up.I owe ya one :-)..

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  1. I want to use one of these valves to direct water to a RODI unit.I will have a float switchin a water jug, when the water level gets low, the float switch will active open the valve and when the jug is full, the float switch on top willactivate the close.Few questions for you.Is there a power supply you would recommend to apply the 24v to pin 1?..

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  1. Watering your garden is easy with the Orbit 1 Dial Electronic Hose Timer. It's an awesome and effective choice for busy households with a lot ofgardening, or for folks who need to leave their yard for travel. Simply hook one end of this garden hose timer to the faucet and the other end to thegarden hose, then let it take care of the watering. A rain delay feature helps with water conservation and ensures that your lawn or garden is notoverwatered. A manual bypass allows you to use the faucet without interrupting your timed programming. A digital display is easy to read and workswith the six configuration options that include Set Timer, Auto, Start Time, How Long, How Often and Off. Additional buttons to the side of the dialalso help you create the ideal setup for your yard. Pair it with a sprinkler head or other system to suit your watering needs. This watering hosetimer requires two AA batteries (not included)..

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  3. Are these latch solenoids inside the valve, so you just have to pulse it to open and close it?..

Posted on: August 1, 2016

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