hozelock automatic watering kit 2756

Hozelock automatic watering kit 2756

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  1. All the bother of moving and positioning hoses and sprinklers can now be avoided. An automatic watering system for the garden can be constructed in amodular fashion using an array of supply hoses, connectors and valves controlled by a timer. The hoses are made of tough, UV-resistant plastic and canbe punctured wherever water is required using a special tool. In the inevitable event that a hole gets punched in the wrong place, there areconvenient hole plugs. At the ends of the lines are placed sprayers of several designs for covering precise areas. To keep the supply lines in places,there are various stakes and clips..

  2. The tap connection is the most important element of a garden watering system. It connects the watering system to the main water source. You need touse a pressure reducer to ensure the best performance for your watering system. If the water pressure in your system is too high, you'll find waterbeing released inconsistently and may have problems with parts coming loose. If you plan to use a water timer, it needs to connect directly to thewater source. If you want to keep your watering system permanently attached to the water source, but want also to have a connection for other purposes(to fill a watering can or for washing your car) you can use a garden tap splitter..

  3. Garden Goodies Home > Watering > Hozelock Automatic Watering >  Hozelock Systems..

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  1. The far more advanced Hozelock timer and the far more discreet hose system do win hands down..

  2. All in all, I’d have to give the Hozelock system a better rating than the Claber system, though watch out if you have clumsy gardening fingers,or have fine motor control difficulties!..

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  1. For the budget, the Hozelock timer is far superior: you can set the time it starts and finishes so you can have it run in the middle of the night (great for low water pressure areas), the day(s) of the week it runs, & for how long. (up to 120 minutes)  The Claber timer only allows for‘on now’ for a set period of time (up to 15 minutes)..

  2. The Claber comes up trumps here, though the Hozelock system came with more connection parts of various types which was useful. The claber wins herefor 2 reasons: product quality, and ease of use. The Claber parts and connectors are built with such a degree of detail, and are much better qualitycompared to Hozelock. It’s never a good sign where you have to pop the plastic parts out of its mold case, but that’s what I had to dowith the Hozelock system. I had a couple of parts that got damaged in the Hozelock setup, and they are not cheap to replace (for any system), so itshouldn’t happen in the first place. Also, the Hozelock parts were tiny!..

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Posted on: August 1, 2016

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