pest repeller

pest repeller

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  1. The claim is that these devices "drivepests out" of a room, or structure, by a combinationofelectromagnetic, sonic and/or ultrasonic energy,the idea is that the high energy waves are repellentto the various pests -- everything from cockroachesto mice..

  2. 100% SAFE for Cats, Dogs, Birds, TVs,Computers and all House Hold Appliances.Operates by US 120Volt common house hold plugoutlet.Size of ET Pest ControlLength = 4 3/8 inchesWidth = 2 inchesHeight = 7 inchesWeight per1 ET Unit = 7 ouncesDecibel Rating = 125db..

  3. In terms of price, functionality, customer rating, and reputation of the manufacturer, the Riddex Plus is the one of best among its kind in the markettoday. With an approximate coverage area of 2,000 square meters, a single unit can protect one level of most homes. Its patented“electromagnetic field altering technology” is absolutely safe for children and pets but not for your unwanted guests. It is alsorelatively cheap, at 9.97$..

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  1. The Attack Wave  uses new technology to make ultrasonic sound an even more effective deterrent / repeller.  This unit uses wave variationwhich alternates levels of ultrasonic sound, therefore making it impossible for rodents or pests to become immune to its sound..

  2. Yes. The Attack Wave is a great device to place up in an attic to drive away rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents while prventing them from comingback to nest..

  3. I have not received any confirmation on the order, no bill for an order, and no product has arrived. I have been bombarded with phone calls from 8 amto 12 midnight every day of the week. Spanish is my primary language, and I am well educated in English also. The last phone call today was fromsomeone named Malu at 1-800-241-2494..

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  1. The TV ad clearly states that the offer is for "Buyone, get one free", just pay shipping. They tried to "up charge" me by recommending a stronger product. When the final amount came out to be total, I declined the complete offer. I explained that my credit card only had available. They charged the , and said that they would bill meCOD for the remainder ..

  2. Whenever a really bad infestation occurs, the old rule of thumb is to call the exterminator right away. However, opting for the services of aprofessional exterminator can easily set you back several hundred dollars. For many, repeated trips and application plans simply are not an option..

  3. How many "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" offers would you like?..

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