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  1. But the real reason that I love Yarn is because Yarn never asks 'What's for dinner?..

  2. With A (A, A), chain 11.Round 1: 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 8 chs, 3 sc in next ch, working in remaining loops along opposite side of ch,sc in next 8 chs—22 sts.Round 2: Sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next 10 sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next 9 sc—24 sts.Round 3:Sc in each sc around.Repeat Round 3 until piece measures 5" from beginning, ending last repeat at side edge. Fasten off..

  3. Политика нашего магазина – чехлы для iphone отменного качества по средней цене. Почему нам удается выдержать такой баланс?..

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  1. The following examples uses the CASE expression in an ORDER BY clause to determine the sort order of the rows based on a given column value. In thefirst example, the value in the SalariedFlag column of the HumanResources.Employee table is evaluated. Employees that have the SalariedFlag set to 1are returned in order by the BusinessEntityID in descending order. Employees that have the SalariedFlag set to 0 are returned in order by theBusinessEntityID in ascending order. In the second example, the result set is ordered by the column TerritoryName when the column CountryRegionName isequal to 'United States' and by CountryRegionName for all other rows..

  2. Print the rivets.I recommend using single walls, and low layer heights to give extra strength. I would also print slowly with z lift..

  3. Most sheeting fabrics come in a range of colours and being very wide eliminates the need for seams..

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  1. The Twig Case is made from trees, but stronger than wood!..

  2. ELSE else_result_expression Is the expression returned if no comparison operation evaluates to TRUE. If this argument is omitted and no comparisonoperation evaluates to TRUE, CASE returns NULL. else_result_expression is any valid expression. The data types of else_result_expression and anyresult_expression must be the same or must be an implicit conversion..

  3. Direct in de archieven gezet, voor als ik eens de tijd vind ;-)..

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