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The Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Chi

The Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Chi was founded on January 22, 1949. At the time of it’s founding, it became Sigma Chi’s 131st chapter and Canada’s third chapter.

Located at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Delta Omicron Chapter is the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization on it’s campus.

The chapter is active both terms of the year: Fall and Winter. It holds numerous social, philanthropic and leadership building events in and around the Vancouver area.

To read about chapter news and find out about the events it hosts, see the section.

Frank Crane Memorial Scholarship

Brother Crane contributed to the on-going success of the Delta Omicron Chapter at the University of British Columbia continuously from his initiation in 1957 until his passing in 2013. He was an active force in keeping the Chapter alive during a number of critical periods of low enrolment, and for the construction of two chapter houses. He served in recruitment and as a two term Consul in his undergraduate days, in almost every alumni role thereafter. He ran a successful law practice, and helped countless brothers to achieve successful careers. His positive nature and his enthusiasm for life were contagious. In 2000, he was elected to the Order of Constantine, and in 2004 received a Grand Consul’s Citation for his role in the construction of the current chapter house.

The Frank Crane Memorial Scholarship is for UBC Brothers only. The Canadian Foundation administers the funding contributions and payout as directed by the Alumni Chapter/House Corp/Chapter Advisor in Vancouver. Interested Applicants should contact the designated contact in Vancouver.

A bit of history of this Chapter :

Sigma Chi’s fourth Canadian chapter was established on January 22, 1949, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. It was named Delta Omicron. This made another campus on which the Miami Triad was completed.

Grand Praetor H. H. Whithed of Seattle headed the installing group. The initiation of 40 men took place in the Stanley Park Pavilion.

Dr. William R. Scott, Dalhousie ’36, a resident of Vancouver, was one of the strongest sponsors of the new chapter and became its first Chapter Adviser. He was toastmaster at the banquet in the Mayfair Room of the Hotel Vancouver. Approximately 100 attended. After the traditional toasts to the King and to the President of the United States, a representative of the University and several members of other fraternities on the campus welcomed Sigma Chi to Vancouver. Grand Consul Sam C. Bullock welcomed the new chapter into the Sigma Chi fold.


“Grant + Sinclair not only enhances our architectural capacities, they help strengthen our strategic ability to offer innovative and intelligent solutions to clients who are navigating a development landscape that is growing increasingly more complex while demanding greater levels of efficiency,” says Omicron CEO, Bill Tucker. “It’s simply a great fit for everyone.”

These sentiments resonate loudly with Grant + Sinclair, which has been a leader in its field for more than 30 years.

“The transition to Omicron for our team is seamless and for our clients there are significant advantages,” says Grant. “We have considerable experience working on institutional projects – schools, in particular – and we see many opportunities for our clients who will benefit from working with us at Omicron. The working model merges creative and technical expertise. Innovation and client-centred solutions that maximize efficiencies are part of the corporate culture at Omicron and this works well for us and our clients.”

Created in 1998, Omicron embraces an integrated environment in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, engineering, construction and development services. With offices in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary, the combined expertise of Omicron’s creative and disciplined team of professionals allows them to work collaboratively handling in whole, or in part, the broad spectrum of any project.


Omicron Development LLC is a privately-held company headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. We meld some of the best OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint technical knowledge in the Eastern US with an experienced leadership team.

Omicron Development LLC continues to expand its PI, .NET and SharePoint consulting and custom application capabilities while focusing intently on providing lasting value to our clients.

In January, 2012, the president and founder of Omicron Consulting, Inc., retired. Omicron Consulting's clients transitioned seamlessly to the newly-formed Omicron Development LLC and continued their long-term relationships. Early on, most of our technical staff came from the former Omicron Consulting team of OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint experts. Omicron Consulting was a significant provider of regional and even international consulting services and had a great reputation for both client and employee retention. During those years, Omicron became:

  • Microsoft’s first dual Gold Certified Partner in the region
  • Certified by Microsoft in “six” Technology Solutions Areas
  • OSIsoft’s first Gold Partner
  • 2007 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Omicron was a member of the Development Project at Microsoft for SharePoint 2001 Portal Server and was a joint development partner with OSIsoft for over fifteen years.

Omicron Development LLC is Focused: OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint

Omicron Development's leadership team is sharply focused on providing great results for our clients. Therefore we stay focused on our core applications and technologies and do not seek general consulting engagements. Our services and custom applications are designed to deliver effective cost-saving functionality while staying true to the OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint system architectures. We trust the functionality and useability of our applications and services will win the hearts of the user community - while the ease of installation and upgrade experienced through our adherence to the system architectures will win the hearts of the IT community.

Our Core Values Instill a Culture of Excellence


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