omicron vape

Omicron vape

The Omicron is a pen-style portable vaporizer that works on cartridges which can be filled with various types of concentrates (think hash oil, BHO, budder etc). The Omicron allows the user to instantly vaporize, meaning there is virtually no heat-up time.

We’d heard many good things about this device, and we first got to try it at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. We then got in touch with the folks at THC Scientific, and they were kind enough to hook us up with a Starter Kit of the Omicron to review.

Please note that we used version 1.1 of the Omicron for this review, which is currently no longer available as has been replaced by the V2. This is an improved version that comes with 2 replaceable batteries (version 1.1 has a built-in battery) that will also last about 10% longer than the battery in V1.1. The good news for V1.1 owners is that a separate herb chamber is in the works and will become available over time.


The packaging of the Omicron looks clean and professional. We received the double unit kit, which contains two Omicrons (which essentially consists of the battery, use button and cover). The cartridges are packed in a separate box, with each cartridge having its own mouthpiece and a nifty little cap to seal the cartridge when it is not in use.

The Omicron itself looks nice and sleek. Without the mouthpiece, it is about the size of a regular pen, making it very easy to carry in your (inside) pocket. A rugged carrying case is included, which also provides room for several additional cartridges and other accessories.

Also included is a charger, where the user can choose to charge the battery via AC or by USB. Unfortunately, this USB charger won’t be included in the V2 release.

Ease of use

The Omicron can be used with severl types of extracts, provided the extract melts when heated. In our test we used BHO (Butane Hash Oil). It is also important that the concentrate does not contain any plant matter, as this can cause the cartridge to clog.

Filling a cartridge requires some effort, but the provided filling tool worked really well for us. What we did was place the filling tool on the tip of the cartridge (standing up). We then gently poured the heated hash oil into the ‘funnel’. By heating the side of the filling tool the oil becomes more liquid and will run down into the cartridge.

Each cartridge holds about a gram of oil, enough for hundreds of hits. Some users claim to have gotten more than 500 hits out of a single cartridge!

After charging the battery, which takes about 3,5 hours, the prefilled cartridge can easily be attached to the unit by screwing it on. After placing the cover over the cartridge and inserting the mouthpiece, we are ready to go.

All it takes to vaporize is to press the button on the side for 3 to 5 seconds, while at the same time gently inhaling from the silicon mouthpiece. Within seconds, nice white clouds of vapour can be observed. Quite amazing and convenient!

The cartridges come with a little whip cap that can be attached when you are not using the vaporizer. It is recommended to store the Omicron with a filled cartridge in an upright position, to prevent leaking of the cartridge. Additionally, one can choose to unload the cartridge and seal it with the white cap that comes with it.

Vapor & Taste

The taste of the vapour is good, but nothing spectacular. However, I must stress that this may have to do with the fact that I’ve never been a great fan of BHO – regarding the taste that is. As with all types of oils and extracts, I’m sure the taste can vary quite a bit. I did notice a very slight taste of metal/silicon, but this seems to fade when taking slightly larger hits. The clouds produced by the Omicron are impressive and will get you ripped in no time. The temperature of the vapor is just fine, it doesn’t get too hot at all, even after up to 5 seconds of continually – yet slowly- inhaling.


The Omicron is hard to beat when it comes to efficiency. One or two hits of the Omicron will produce an effect that would otherwise require several hits with other portables (when vaporizing herbs instead of extracts).


While all parts are constructed in China, the quality of the Omicron seems to be good. It feels quite sturdy and does not contain any loose or fragile parts. We’ve used our Omicron intensively for about a week, and did not encounter any issues whatsoever.

The battery lasted us about 80 hits, but this depends on the length of draws you take. Charging takes about 3,5 hours, and the Omicron cannot be used while charging.


I think it is safe to say that this is the future of vaporizing. With more and more dispensaries offering high grade extracts, combined with the efficiency and convenience of vaporizing oils with the Omicron make it an outstanding choice for any type of user. A loading chamber for herbs and other types of (non-meltable) extracts such as hash and ice-o-lator would only add to this.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye THC Scientific as they seem to have some interesting updates and new products in the pipeline. For now, the Omicron provides a convenient and healthy way to consume oils and other extracts!


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Smoking HASH in the class omicron vape pen

#2 Most selling vaporizer on 

The Delta9 Omicron V2.5 Oil Pen is a handheld unit designed for use with oils and concentrates - no herbs. Delta9 manufacturers the worlds's best oil Vaporizers. The Omicron will vaporize any type of oil or concentrate within seconds. These units are easy to use and fully customizable with a dazzling array of different battery setups and oil attachments (see Delta 9 Parts). For vapor lovers looking to add an exclusive oil unit to their collection, Delta9 is an excellent choice.

Buyers please note - Vapor Town USA sells the newest version of the Omicron Vaporizer which comes with an all new cartridge system called the K.I.S.S. Cartridge. More information on the K.I.S.S. cartridge below... 


Delta9 Omicron Features:

  • Portable unit is easily concealed in your pocket, purse or backpack
  • Extremely discreet size
  • Durable Aluminum Construction can withstand regular abuse
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Lifetime Warranty on the heating element and electronics

Delta9 Omicron Accessories:

  • 1 x Omicron body in your choice of color
  • 1 x K.I.S.S. cartridge 
  • 1 x K.I.S.S. cartridge mouthpiece
  • 1 x Aluminum Shell
  • 2 x 3.7v Batteries
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Rugged Carrying Case
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Lowest Allowable, Fully Warrantied, Prices
  • Free Shipping via USPS Ground Service. Need it faster? No problem, select other shipping options at checkout
  • USA residents pay No Sales Tax 

The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Cartridge is designed for the Omicron and Persei Vaporizers. The cartridge uses a ceramic wick, which is a first in a vape pen. The benefit of the ceramic wick is it provides a cleaner, better tasting vapor.

The new cartridge design also allows for "load as you go" functionality eliminating the sometimes difficult and messy process of loading the standard cartridge (which was always a complaint on the original Omicron).


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Omicron v2.5

It comes in a pretty cool case and here’s what it looks like when you open it up:

I’m gonna spare you most of the mind-numbing technical details for now, if you have any specific questions after reading this review just let me know and I’ll def do my best to help you out.

The Omicron feels well-made and it seems like they used high quality materials during manufacturing. Just to have something to compare it to, I also bought one of those generic e-cig type pen vapes and those are of noticeably lower quality.

As you saw in the first picture all the pieces of this vape can be separated for filling/cleaning purposes and also to insert/remove the battery.

Unlike many other pen vaporizers the actual battery itself is removable from the Omicron, and it comes with a wall charger to fit them in when you need to recharge.

Here’s what all the parts look like separated:

So I’d say that the trickiest part about using this vape, and the part that some people might complain about, is actually getting your concentrate inside the cartridge.

The way it works is the cartridges come empty (some places sell them pre-filled) and then you have to use the included filling tool to get your oil in there.

It’s a little tricky the first time you try it but it only took me two attempts to get it goin. As I show in the image below, you fit the filling tool on top of the cartridge, then you put in your oil and slowly heat the bottom half.

There are various ways you can heat it, but you want to be careful not to overheat it, cus that could ruin your oil, so make sure you do it slowly. As the metal warms up the oil should run down into the cartridge.

The listed capacity is 1.0g of oil but they suggest only putting in about 0.5g to 0.6g for best results and to minimize the chances of it leaking out.

A good tip for knowing how much is in there is to weigh the empty cartridge before you start filling it, and then you’ll be able to calculate the rest with that number.

For best results, like most vapes, you’ll want to take a slow, fairly long draw to get a good amount of vapor.

The manufacturer claims the battery will last about 200 button presses on a full charge, and that you should be able to get roughly 300-400 draws per 1.0g of concentrate.

I can’t say that I had too many complaints about this vape, it does seem to perform well and like I mentioned earlier seems to be a well-made device.

Since the cartridge isn’t sealed between uses I don’t really know if I would throw this vape in my pocket or anything like that, unless I knew for sure that it was gonna stay right-side up, cus leakage could potentially be an issue if it’s not (really depends on how runny the oil is).

The cartridge that it comes with (2.4 ohm) is the most user-friendly and should be all that most people need. If, however, you find that you want stronger draws and more vapor, they do also make a 1.5 ohm cartridge you can buy separately. That one uses more power and gets hotter, so it’ll vaporize your oil faster which in turn will give you stronger pulls, but it’s really recommended for more advanced users who already have experience with this vape.


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