omicron psi omega inc

Omicron psi omega inc

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We are the Omicron Omega Chapter (OΩ) of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Inc.


I am the presiding Basileus, James Thornton, Jr. (2014-2015) and would like to thank you for visiting our site as we continue our traditions of Uplifting our community by working with you; its citizens.


OΩ is the proud recipients of the 3rd District's 2011 Social Action Small Chapter of the Year Award.


The Omega Men of Omicron Omega (OΩ), Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, are an integral part of the Lawrenceville, VA Community and surrounding counties. We support our mission to be good stewards to the citizens of Lawrenceville and all areas. The Men of OΩ sponsor and support a wide range of service, educational, and humanitarian activities. OΩ engages in and welcomes a wide array of challenging, but always gratifying and uplifting work for others. As Omega Men, it is our obligation to uplift our fellow communities. It is and has always been our honor to be of service to others. Like the knights of old, we figuratively wear our armor and bare our shield to serve mankind.





In the past, Kappa Omicron has provided large quantities of food through various food pantries and community based organizations. This effort started in 2009 and has donated all kinds of essential foods to needy people from packages of meat, canned goods, cooking oil, fruit, vegetables, etc.

The urgency of helping the people in our community to have food on their table is on the rise. There are thousands of children and families living in shelters and thousands of ordinary citizens and Veterans living in poverty and on the streets. Seniors and fixed income families are more and more pressed by bad economic circumstances, further, many families are afflicted by unemployment. Food assistance will make the difference in the lives of our fellow citizens and their ability to exist in tough economic times.

The 2015 KAPPA OMICRON FOOD DRIVE begins on March 1, 2015 and ends May 31, 2015Please donate via PayPal using the button below.

OR you can send any contributions to: 

Feel free to reach out to the committee’s co-chairs if you have any questions.



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