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An Alpha Tau Omega hazing video appears to show a pledge being forced to perform oral sex on a stripper while dozens of half-naked and cheering frat brothers cheer him on, and the video may now have the fraternity in hot water.

As the frat brothers cheer him on, the pledge appears to struggle but the woman holds him in place. Some commenters on Reddit pointed out that it appears the woman may be trying to suffocate the pledge, rather than forcing him to perform a sex act.

If the information in the video description is legitimate, it would not be the first time this Alpha Tau Omega chapter was in trouble. In 2010, the branch was suspended by the fraternity’s national organization, leaving more than 100 students homeless.

“I know a couple of guys who are pledges, and they missed class because they were so sleep-deprived,” said sorority member Emily Rawls at the time. “I think it really starts to affect their academics.”

The fraternity ended up being kicked off campus for five years, school officials reported.

While the Alpha Tau Omega hazing video has not yet been officially confirmed, a number of students had passed along screenshots on Twitter, noting that it was taking place at the Indiana University chapter.

The university seemed to confirm the report, however, issuing a statement late on Wednesday that the fraternity had been suspended.

The national fraternity responded as well, with Tau Omega’s national CEO Wynn Smiley releasing a statement decrying the act of hazing but noting that no one was forced to participate.

Whatever the case, the images described in the video appear disturbing and could lead to more trouble for those involved. The video shows what may be classified as sexual assault, which could lead not only to discipline from the national fraternity or the university but the possibility of criminal charges as well.


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