omicron vape pen

Omicron vape pen

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Pen Vape Review/Comparison: micro G Pen, Atmos Rx, Omicron, eGo Clearomizer

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Omicron Vaporizer Pen Review

The Omicron Vaporizer is one the best vaporizer pens on the market when compared to the others that have been made available by a number of companies. The Omicron is manufactured by the


Furthermore, the Omicron Vaporizer is a good choice for individuals that use vaporizers regularly but need one that vaporizes oil.

What makes the Omicron Vaporizer exceptional?

Majority of vaporizers in the market are differentiated according to the features that they offer their users. Omicron Vaporizer has a number of features that makes it a worthwhile investment and they include:

  • Lightweight – Using the vaporizer has been made much easier because it only weighs a few grams and is portable as well. It can be carried around and used in various locations while allowing the user to remain discreet as well.
  • Durable – The aluminum material used in the construction of the body of the vaporizer and the mouthpiece ensures that it survives regular use and functions well. It is also water proof especially when assembled according to the instructions provided in the manual.
  • Easy to clean – All the parts of the vaporizer can be separated making its cleaning process much easier and thorough as well. Cleaning the vaporizer is done using brush that has soft bristles to avoid damaging it.
  • Long lasting battery – According to the manufacturer of Omicron, a user can draw from the vaporizer over three hundred draws when fully charged before having to refill it.

Overall, my Omicron is one of best vaporizer pen that I have used to date.

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This little guy is available in an array of colors:

    • Black
    • Silver
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Teal



The Omicron vaporizer comes in very sleek, professional looking package which includes: batteries, battery charger, extract cartridge, fill tool, body, carrying case, user manual, aluminum mouthpiece, and shell. The cartridges themselves come in a separate box, with each of them having a cap to seal it when not being used and also its own mouthpiece. Like most other vape pens, the unit is highly discreet and can easily fit in your pocket or purse. With the mouthpiece detached, it is about the size of your average black marker. I find the overall design of the Omicron v2.5 to be very cosmetically appealing as well.

Ease of use

Keep in mind there are various ways to heat it up but you need to be careful to not overheat it and risk ruining your oil. As the unit begins to get hot, the oil should start sliding down into the cartridge. The cartridge itself can hold about a gram of oil, although I’d probably recommend using about half of that to experience the best results. Either way you’re looking at enough for to last you for hundreds of hits, which is fantastic.

The battery takes only a couple hours to fully charge and then lasts for about 200 button presses which allows you to get the full amount of draws from the oil you put into the cartridge. Once it’s charged, all you have to do put the cover over it and insert the mouthpiece.

Press the button for 3-5 seconds while slowly inhaling from the Omicron vaporizer and you’ll experience some of the best hits out of any portable vaporizer on the market!

Vapor & Taste

As we have mentioned a couple times already, the Omicron vaporizer produces possibly the biggest hits out of any of the current vape pens. The vapor clouds that come out of it are simply amazing and guarantee to leave you satisfied. The temperature of the vapor is just right, allowing for a smooth draw and for you to enjoy the taste.


I previously explained how the battery and cartridge work with this unit. Not much more needs to be said here, the Omicron vape pen an incredibly efficient unit overall.


All of the components of the Omicron vaporizer are manufactured in China which I would normally be a little wary of. After thorough inspection however, I’ve come to realize the overall quality of this product is actually really good. It is extremely robust and doesn’t contain any fragile/loose parts which you often see in some of the cheaper portable vaporizers. I tested the product for over a week straight and did not find any issues with it.


If you’re looking for a vaporizer pen that works great with oil and waxes, look no further. The unit is a well-made and highly efficient device. The Omicron v2.5 is by far one of the best I have tested as of yet.


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