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  1. A sheaf of wheat is a common symbol in AOΠ, found in the new member pin, the rings for the chapter president, alumnae chapter president, andInternational president. The binding together of wheat into a sheaf in the new member pin represents individuals bound by the common bond of AlphaOmicron Pi. The wheat indicates usefulness in its harvest..

  2. The resulting chapter was Pi Chapter at New Orleans' Sophie NewcombCollege (part of Tulane University)..

  3.                    The 2014-2015 Annual Report is now available!..

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  1. Today, Alpha Omicron Pi is an international women's fraternity, with 208 collegiate chapters and 320 alumnae chapters in Canada and the U.S.A.[3] Itsinternational headquarters is located in Brentwood, Tennessee, and it is a member group of the National Panhellenic Conference, which is the governingcouncil of the 26 member women's fraternities and sororities. It is the only member to the NPC to have one official color (cardinal), as all the othermembers have two to four official colors..

  2. In classical Greek,omicron represented the sound [o] in contrast to omega [ɔː] and ου [oː]..

  3.  Please click here tolearn about how                             the AOII Foundation is making adifference!..

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  1. Stella George Stern Perry, who was then the President of Alpha Omicron Pi, contacted a New Orleans classmate,Evelyn Reed, who expressed compatible ideas about fraternities. Evelyn's sister, Katherine Reed, became the first pledge of Pi Chapter. After beinginitiated by Stella, she found others to initiate..

  2. National expansion of the women's fraternity began almost immediately in 1898..

  3. AOII's original philanthropy was the Frontier Nursing Service which brought essential health services to the poor in Appalachia..

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