духи moschino

духи moschino

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  1. Firstly it comes a bit sharp and masculine. I suppose it's the coriander. But soon it evolves in definitely feminine scent - truly classical and stillmodern. From the beginning till the end this is a really fresh one!..

  2. Nice for young ladies, for winter or autumn season..

  3. " Almost feel bad for her when she realized it's my perfume, oops!..

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  1. Mon Bouquet (4) Mont Blanc Individuel Femme (2) Mont Blanc PresenceD`une (1)..

  2. I love the dry down and received many compliments wearing this woody and creamy distinguised fragrance. But the top note are so sharp and make me feelreally umcomfortable. Definitely not for me..

  3. купить духи, Доставка по Украине. Наличная и безналичная оплата товаров..

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  1. Trust me. I don't think many willtake this bottle design & name very serious, I know I did not, until you smell what it contains.Wow!..

  2. I had such high hopes for this.Floral, citrus, musky sounded perfect and right up my street, so I sent away for a sample.I very often just buyblindly, but I wanted to test this first due to the corriander that seemed to be very prominent. I am glad I did sample it first.I have nowdiscovered that there are very few spices that I get on with and corriander doesn't appear to be one of them.Initially, this has a very alcoholichairspray feel to it.So I left it to settle.After about half an hour I went back to my wrist.The corriander is extremely vivid, very peppery anddry, almost gourmand to my nose, smelling slightly of curry.Now I love all Indian food, but I don't want to smell like my Biryani!..

  3. I like the smell of it on my scarf on winter mornings up here in the north..

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